Lasting Relief From Your
IBS & Bowel Pain

Guided by years of research, Dr. Turbide’s Gut Formula Digestive Pro+ is a science-backed natural supplement to help relieve IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and bowel pain. In addition, our lifestyle program "The IBS Solution" establishes sustainable, proven tactics to repair the gut.


Digestive Pro+ $79.99
Includes shipping + The IBS Solution FREE


Get IBS relief naturally with a science-backed supplement that works.*

  • A natural health supplement so you can repair your gut naturally.
  • Lower cost than prescription medication.
  • Scientifically designed and formulated through years of research and development by Dr. Christian Turbide.

Digestive Pro+ $79.99
Includes shipping + The IBS Solution FREE

* Individual results may vary.

Meet Dr. Turbide

As a doctor, it can be heartbreaking to see this overall reverse in peoples’ health. With modern technology, we have access to so much information and quality of life. But people are crying out for help and ways to make the right decisions for their health.

I’m passionate about seeing a change in your nutrition and helping you find ways to become passionate about your health.

I believe we can start a new health movement.


The IBS Solution FREE

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See how 21 Days
Could Change Your Life.
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Program Overview

The IBS Solution is a 21 day course which provides you with the tools and tactics to end your IBS symptoms and heal your digestive system. Eliminate pain, gain more energy, sleep better and lose weight. Over the course of this program we’ll explore:

  1. The root causes of IBS and how they affect your digestion
    1. Foods
    2. Nutrients
    3. Stress and its affect on your nervous system (and digestion)
    4. Fitness (don’t worry this isn’t a Cross-Fit boot camp!)
    5. Sleep and Restoration
  2. How to address these problems and replace them with simple, healthy alternatives
    1. Simple practices
    2. Achievable goals and access to a community
    3. Habits you enjoy adding to your daily life
    4. (And of course) Recipes and nutrition plans customized to your tastes
  3. The science behind these strategies
    1. Basic information you can apply to your life
    2. Foundational topics you can explore
    3. Studies which reinforce the tactics within this course

All of this information has been put together for you in simple, daily videos which will guide you through the information and the straight forward, attainable steps to incorporate these ideas into your daily life.

Here’s what some of our past customers had to say about the program…

Day 8: I have never felt so healthy since my teen-aged years! OMG, a total paradigm shift for me.

- Nancy Beauchemin

I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I was worried at the outset that it would be restrictive. We have been able to use the recipes for the entire family (my wife and two small children) - I can still eat great meals that are tasty and satisfying with only small changes to what I was doing in the past.

- John H.

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