Did you know that over 70% of your immune system's cells are located in your gut?

Better Gut Health = Boosted Immunity

When your gut lining is compromised, toxins and food particles can 'leak' into your bloodstream and can severely hamper your immune system and your body's ability to respond to illness. LEAKY GUT is the ROOT CAUSE of many health conditions and autoimmune diseases. Repairing and restoring your gut lining is essential to enhancing your protection against illness. Digestive Pro+ helps you to achieve optimal digestive health and immunity.


Digestive Pro+
Includes The ATH 21-Day Program FREE

Boost your body's natural defenses.
Do it with Digestive Pro+.*

  • Digestive Pro+ helps repair your intestinal (gut) lining allowing you to properly absorb nutrients and stop leaky gut.
  • Digestive Pro+ boosts your immune system so it can function at an optimal level and better fight illness.
  • Digestive Pro+ can increase your overall quality of life, vitality and overall health.
  • Trust the power of a science-backed supplement that is the result of years of research.

Digestive Pro+
Includes The ATH 21-Day Program FREE

* Individual results may vary.

Meet Dr. Turbide, creator of Digestive Pro+


As a gastroenterologist, my mission is to dramatically improve the quality of life for my patients. Not only do I understand the impact of poor gut health from a doctor’s point of view, but there was a time where I too suffered from severely compromised digestive health. I personally know how painful, frustrating and inconvenient this can be and the toll it can take on your overall health, well being and susceptibility to other illnesses. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to worry anymore. It’s done. You can embrace an enhanced and healthier quality of life. Digestive Pro+ and our complementary ATH 21-Day Program can change your life through optimal gut health and a strengthened immune system.

I've specialized in digestive medicine for more than 15 years and have treated over 10,000 patients in my clinic for digestive issues and autoimmune disorders. Unfortunately, the solution that most other doctors offer falls short because the usual treatment (medication) is designed to relieve symptoms, not heal the root condition.

After more than 10 years of practice and teaching medical students and residents, I know that most of the digestive issues prevalent in today’s society can be helped through daily habits and with my powerful gut formula Digestive Pro+. Through a strengthened gut and a boosted immune system, you can become healthier and more resilient.

The ATH 21-Day Program - FREE!

This online program provides you with the tools and tactics to help you accelerate the repair of your Leaky Gut, and to heal your digestive system. In addition to helping boost your immune system, an optimally functioning gut and digestive system can help you eliminate pain, gain more energy, sleep better and lose weight. Over the course of this program we’ll explore:

  1. The root causes of Leaky Gut impacting your overall health and immunity
    1. Mindset
    2. Foods/Nutrients
    3. Stress and its effect on your nervous system (and digestion)
    4. Fitness (don’t worry this isn’t a Cross-Fit boot camp!)
    5. Sleep and Restoration
  2. How to address these problems and replace them with simple, healthy alternatives
    1. Simple practices
    2. Achievable goals and access to a community
    3. Habits you enjoy adding to your daily life
    4. And of course... Recipes and nutrition plans customized to your tastes
  3. The amazing science and the research behind these program strategies
    1. Basic information you can apply to your life
    2. Foundational topics you can explore
    3. Studies which reinforce the tactics within this course

All of this information has been put together for you in simple, daily videos which will guide you through the information and the straight forward, attainable steps to incorporate these ideas into your daily life.

What does better immunity and a healthy gut feel like? See what are people saying about Digestive Pro+

I have been suffering in silence with stomach pain, bloating, gas - you name it - after every meal for quite some time. Always feeling less than 100%. I started taking half a scoop a day. First day - noticeable difference, no stomach pain, slight gas but nothing compared to what I was dealing with. I was amazed. Second day - no pain, no gas and no bloating. Yes, the second day!! I have never looked back, since.

Digestive Pro+ will forever be a part of my health routine.

- Samantha

I often felt tired and bloated after a meal. As soon as I started taking Dr. Turbide’s Digestive Pro+, my body was thanking me for it! I feel energized and my bowel movements are regular with no more bloating. I have been using Digestive Pro+ for 4 months now. I add one scoop to my green smoothie every morning or to a glass of water. I started with half a scoop and immediately felt the difference. Digestive Pro+ works wonders for my immune system too. I really believe this product is helping me fight off colds. It will be part of my daily regimen forever!


My sister started using the product last week and has had great results - she’s had IBS for 22 years and is in a high stress job that has become even more challenging due to the IBS… in 4 days she hasn’t had an episode!!!

- Karen

After taking Digestive Pro+ for a very short time I began to see relief. Immediately, my immune system kicked into full gear. Within a week I noticed my stomach pain diminishing significantly. After about a month I also noticed that inflammation throughout my body had reduced. I wasn't totally convinced that it was all due to this product until I ran out and went a few weeks without it. The symptoms all returned and disappeared again shortly after starting back. This has come a a very welcome relief for me as I can now count on feeling good and being productive in all realms of my life.

- Brenda Jacobson

I had previously been working with naturopaths on SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) with some benefit but not huge changes. My final attempt was to look at healing leaky gut when I stumbled upon this supplement. I was unsure at first because I had already spent so much money with minimal benefit and felt like this would be the same effect. I am so happy I was wrong and went for it! My symptoms of bloating, constipation, and brain fog lingered after multiple rounds of “killing bacteria” supplements but I have found a good benefit when I take Digestive Pro+ as recommended. I’ve found that I have even been able to have dairy on occasion without having extreme nausea I used to experience. I have also now been able to add back probiotics which previously had an adverse effect with the SIBO. I did not follow the eating plan because I had previously been on LOW-FODMAP for many months and still regularly eat within it but an expanded range which I believe helps.

- Breanna

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